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56 – 63 Kensington Hall Gardens


This is your own dedicated area and provides you with all the information you may need regarding the management of Kensington Hall Gardens, including :

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Please feel free to have a look around the site and if there’s anything that you can’t find but you think would be helpful, or if anything doesn’t make sense, please do let us know:  we are here to make your life, as a leaseholder/director, as easy as possible by providing transparent information.

Important Updates And Latest News

17 August 2015: Window repairs – The windows project is running to schedule and should be finished this week.  Please let us know as soon as possible if there is anything you are unhappy with.  The summary of the work done to each window can be downloaded here

1 September 2015: Window repairs – The work is now finished and scaffolding removed.  It was about 2 weeks late in the end, mainly because we had to stop and repair the cause of a minor flood after the heavy rains.  However the job was done to budget.  We hope you are happy with the work done to your windows.  We have held back some of the money to cover any defects so please tell us if you notice anything that’s not right.

15 September 2015: The service charge budget for 2016 has been prepared.  You can view it under financial documents on the Important Documents page.

Dates For Your Diary

We will be organising a meeting for the end of the year.  If there is anything in particular that you would like added to the agenda, please let us know.


If you want to get in touch with us please use the contact form below. Whilst we do not get many complaints, if you do need to then please take a look at our complaints procedure here